What is Group Indoor Cycling? Indoor cycling in groups?

What is Group Indoor Cycling? Indoor cycling in groups?

It’s so much more than that.

Tune into some great music and get your pedals spinning as you take on a journey of mountain climbs, street races and unforgiving endurance trials. With your clients in tow, together you will cycle and feel motivated to sweat your way to fitness success.

Now how can Group Indoor Cycling benefit you as a Personal Trainer?

1. Great atmosphere

In a group class based environment you are able to create a great atmosphere between you and your clients. It’s a great way to get people working together, enjoying together and talking about it after too.

2. Re-write the meaning of Cardio

Cardio is a word no one wants to hear. So why not change that around for your clients and create a great way to get fit, sweat out calories and get your weekly cardio sessions in. Let’s make cardio fun again.

3. A great low impact exercise

Group Indoor Cycling is a great fitness tool for clients needing a lower impact exercise. Not every client you come across as a personal trainer is able to complete every exercise in your repertoire, so having a class that is adjustable to the client’s needs keeps client retention and client satisfaction.

4. Boosts your earning potential

As a personal trainer, we all know the pressure of a stable income. So why not have a space where you can train multiple clients at once? Need we say more?

5. It’s really good fun

Getting involved in the class yourself, you get a great workout, peddle to some great music and most of all see great results in your clients. Check out KTX an example of what you can do as a Group Indoor Cycling Instructor.

So there you have it, 5 great money boosting, client engaging, fun reasons why you should be a Group Indoor Cycling Instructor.

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