Tip #4: How to Train to get a “Beach Body”

Summer is coming, with the longer nights and warmer temperatures which means it’s time to hit the gym to get you a summer “beach body”

So we have created a few simple training tips to give you some inspiration, you can either pop these into your gym sessions or even into your client’s training programmes. Each week we will be posting a tip for you to use in the gym, there are 5 so keep an eye out.

Close up image of middle eastern female in sports clothing relaxing after workout on grey background. Muscular female body with sweat. Image with copyspace for text

Tip #4 – Move daily

This week’s Tip may seem so simple, yet it’s so important to our daily routine. Moving more can help stimulate your brain, increase creativity and stimulate your productivity. Moving daily should be in addition to training in the gym, outside or as part of a class.

Lack of inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle will lower glucose and insulin sensitivity. If you were once lean and active and you stop doing physical activity your metabolic rate will slow with the same result – fat gain. Build activity into your daily routine, it could be as simple as walking to work, taking a walk on your lunch hour or even just getting up every hour to walk around the office. This does not need to be intense and difficult to complete but should increase heart rate above resting levels and get the body moving in some way.

As a bonus, this will help control levels of cortisol hormone preventing loss of muscle and storage of belly fat. So get moving and train for a summer “beach body”