Tip #3: How to Train to get a “Beach Body”

Summer is coming, with the longer nights and warmer temperatures which means it’s time to hit the gym to get you a summer “beach body”

So we have created a few simple training tips to give you some inspiration, you can either pop these into your gym sessions or even into your client’s training programmes. Each week we will be posting a tip for you to use in the gym, there are 5 so keep an eye out.

Close up image of middle eastern female in sports clothing relaxing after workout on grey background. Muscular female body with sweat. Image with copyspace for text

Tip #3 – Perform high intensity anaerobic interval training over aerobic training

Interval work is one way of working against lactate threshold and is glycolytic in nature (which will use energy substrates for fuel). The problem with interval work is you shouldn’t do it every day. As it focuses too much on the lower body. Combine too much of it, with “leg training days” and you can end up losing muscle, from too much demand and not enough recovery. Programming is everything.

The biggest problem with aerobic training is that you get better at it. In aerobic training, the work required to run 5 miles will become less and less as you get fitter – you become more efficient. So to continue to improve you either go further (do more work for the same amount of calories) or you run it faster.

Going further kind of defeats the purpose. Is there much joy in running 40 mins to burn the calories you once burned in 30 mins? And going faster involves the same problem. Eventually, the new speed becomes too easy for you and you have to go at a greater intensity to get the same benefit. You will reach an intensity eventually that will be the end of the aerobic zone. Quite simply going any harder will send your body into the anaerobic zone.

So at some point you’re not doing aerobics any more. So, if you have to stop doing it at some point to get the benefits you seek why not do anaerobic work to begin with?