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The Active IQ Level 3 Diploma and Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed to be able to provide sports massage therapy to a range of clients who have dysfunctional tissue, without acute/post-acute injuries or underlying pathological conditions.

Get qualified by Summer 2020! Next course starts 19th October 2020.

You can study Level 3, then Level 4 separately, or take our Package which combines Level 3 & Level 4 together at a reduced rate. See ‘Description’ below for more details.

FREE STARTER PACK INCLUDED on Part-Time course worth £250!

Claim your starter pack which includes: a portable bed, towels and massage cream when you book our new Part-Time course. 7 weekends over 6 months

**NB: If you are leaving the forces (or know anyone who is) and are looking to retrain within the fitness industry, you can use the Enhanced Learning Credits to fund this course! Contact us for more information (Plase note, Free Starter Pack is not available to ELC funded students)

If you have any questions at all about this course, and what might be right for you, please give us a ring and we’ll happily point you in the right direction: 0191 516 6088.

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Who Is This Course For?

Level 3:
The Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy has been designed to provide fitness professionals, or newcomers to the industry, with the skills and knowledge to assess, treat and advise all clients, at any level of health and fitness, within or outside a sporting context.

Level 4:
For those who already hold their Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy, Level 4 has been designed for practitioners currently working in Sport and Active Leisure, including Personal Trainers, Sports Therapists and Massage Therapists.

The purpose of this specialist qualification is to enrich practitioners’ understanding of advanced anatomical, physiological and pathological principles relevant to the application of Sports Massage. It will develop students to a superior level in sports massage and enable them to take their practice to the next level.

Package (Level 3 & 4 together):
The ‘full monty’! For those who are newcomers to the fitness industry as well as sports professionals who want the full qualification and knowledge to a fully-rounded advanced level. When you book together we offer it at a discounted rate. You have up to 1 year to complete your Level 4 after starting your Level 3, so if you need a break in between, you can take it!


All About Level 3…

Course Content

  • Anatomy and physiology for sports massage
  • Clinical issues – safe treatment, sports massage regulation, professionalism and ethics, continuing professional development and communication skills
  • Sports massage techniques including palpation, basic strokes, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques and soft tissue release
  • Assessment of clients, joint and muscle testing, assessment of posture, profiling and appropriate record keeping
  • Soft tissue damage and repair – injury occurrence and treatment
  • Post-care advice – supporting clients’ return to function


  • Monitoring of progress informally through observation, quizzes, and professional discussion
  • Active IQ multiple choice theory paper (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Anatomy and physiology & soft tissue damage and repair revision questions
  • Massage practical assessment x 3 (pre, post, maintenance massage), in line with current criteria; students required to integrate effleurage, petrissage, frictions, soft tissue release in a safe and effective treatment
  • 1 to 1 practical and group/ partner work in line with the current criteria. Students will be assessed on communication, subjective and objective assessment through history taking, notation, observation, active, passive and resisted range of motion tests before moving on to palpation and treatment protocols
  • * 40+ hours cumulative treatment record, including thorough notes on assessments, treatments and exercise advice. Self-evaluations and client evaluation. There should be a variety of clients used. Utilising a cross-section of population age, sporting & activity levels and backgrounds
  • Peer presentations may be used throughout the course noting key points on assessment used alteration in treatments and exercises.

*Our new Part

Entry Requirements
Ideally, 4 GCSE’s and 1 ‘A’ level, or similar academic qualification in a related subject (I.e. Anatomy) is desirable but not a must. Formally, there are no pre-requisites for the Level 3 Certificate.

This qualification is open to all. There is an element of communication involved (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) and learners should have basic skills in communication pitched at level 3. Performing sports massage is a physical activity and learners will need to be fit enough to carry this out.

Equipment Required?
All equipment needed for the course will be supplied by us.

Study Format
We have two options:

  • Intensive: 3 weeks – Monday to Friday at one of our facilities in the north-east.
  • Part-Time: 7 weeks – Monday & Sunday at one of our facilities in the north-east.
  • Blended: 3 weeks – 1 attendance day per month with e-learning

You can find all the dates here.

It will be delivered through a progressive programme of face to face learning, practical work and home study elements. All courses will start with approx 4 weeks pre-course reading before the first live course date.
On evenings and between workshops, students will be required to complete home study and a log book detailing practice time. This format allows students to practice techniques learnt at each stage of the course and gain real, recorded and evaluated experience before moving on to the next level of technique application.

The course is supported by handouts, course manual, video (online learning materials), including a library of individual technique application. Tutor support will be available throughout the course via email/ phone contact.


  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
  • REPs recognised
  • CIMSPA endorsed

All About Level 4…

The course will provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to be able to treat, and/or seek the correct common patterns of dysfunction and pre-diagnose injuries. The course will also equip learners with advanced palpation skills and those needed to analyse posture and range of movement.

The course is inclusive of a range of advanced neuromuscular and myofascial techniques optimising treatment outcomes as well as how to plan and program a client’s post-care treatment will be undertaken. In particular, students will focus on advanced neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release and the appropriate use of the ARTS and SOAP protocols.

The majority of massage therapists are self-employed and work as personal trainers or in the private sector of healthcare. Therapists are able to safely and effectively treat clients from all walks of life, suffering a variety of musculoskeletal as well as medical conditions.

This offers the therapist the greatest potential for success in a career that can be immensely satisfying and enjoyable. By enhancing their skills, learners completing the certificate will be able to achieve more in the treatments applied, clearly differentiate themselves from other practitioners and drive their business practice to new heights.

Course Content
Students will study three distinct units:

  • Conducting subjective and objective assessment
  • Treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair
  • Provide sports massage techniques to prevent and manage injury

Unit Components Include

  • Management of injuries
  • Soft tissue mobilisation
  • Postural analysis
  • Range of movement tests
  • Active, passive and resistive stretches
  • Stretching and rehabilitative exercises
  • Advanced massage techniques
  • Frictions
  • Soft tissue release
  • METS
  • Trigger points
  • The Science and Practice of Manual Therapy
  • Advanced Functional Anatomy & Physiology
  • Assessment of Posture, Joints, Muscle Imbalances and other Conditions
  • Soft Tissue Trauma, Assessment and how Massage may Help
  • Principles of Injury Management and Rehabilitation from Injury
  • Active, Assisted and Advanced Stretching Techniques
  • Assessment of Soft Tissues and application of Advanced Techniques
  • Working Practice and Developing Your Business
  • Psychology and Sports Injuries
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Professional Practice
  • In-depth assessment methods and techniques
  • Identifying injury and dysfunction
  • Advanced massage techniques including frictions, trigger point therapy, soft tissue therapy etc.
  • Devising treatment plans and post care

Entry Requirements
Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy. Photocopy evidence of this accreditation must accompany your application. Candidates must also have good health since the course involves a practical component.

Course Assessment

  • Ongoing practical assessments and oral questioning (Two worksheets & Summative observation – Palpation)
  • Five summative observations – Client assessment and treatment planning (ankle or knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow or wrist)
  • Critical evaluation
  • A completed assessment portfolio which details sports massage treatments on five clients with evidence of consultations and assessments

You will also accumulate a portfolio of evidence of learning – a useful tool for later reference.

What assessments will I need to complete?
Learners will be required to complete a multiple choice examination, a practical assessment and provide a worksheet portfolio of evidence.

What support will I get?
Once booked on to the course learners will be sent student resources so they can familiarise themselves with the syllabus and start the pre-course reading, they will also be given the contact details for our student support team who will assist them with any problems outside of the classroom, and our in-house tutors will be there to support you on the day of your course.

Study Format
We have two options:

  • Intensive: 3 weeks – Monday to Friday at one of our facilities in the north-east.
    • full colour stud manuals
    • industry expert tuition
    • limited numbers of students to ensure personal interaction
    • handouts
    • full tutor support every step of the way
    • Active IQ awarding body certification
  • Part-Time: 7 weekends – Saturday & Sunday at one of our facilities in the north-east.
    • FREE starter pack: massage bed, towels and cream worth £250 (please note – not available to ELC funded students.)
    • pre-course elearning modules
    • attendance on 7 weekends over 6 months
    • full colour study manuals
    • industry expert tuition
    • limited numbers of students to ensure personal interaction
    • handouts
    • full tutor support every step of the way
    • Active IQ awarding body certification

There will be supporting home study that is required throughout to achieve the certification.
Due to the amount of information covered in the course home studies of approximately five hours per week will be required.

All course dates can also be found on our Course Dates page.

Is this course recognised?
Yes, the Awarding Organisation for this course is Active IQ.  This means that this course is recognised throughout the UK and your REP’s insurance will cover you to teach this subject.


  • Active IQ Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy (Level 4)
  • REPs recognised
  • CIMSPA endorsed


>>>Remember you can book the Package, which is Level 3 & 4 together at a discounted rate<<<



Additional information

Study Options

Level 3 (Intensive), Level 3 (Part-Time), Level 4 (Intensive), Level 4 (Part-Time), Package (Intensive), Package (Part-Time)

Payment Options

1 Payment in Full, 3 Monthly Payments, 6 Monthly Payments, 9 Monthly Payments

Payment Details

Save with 1-off, upfront payments:
Level 3 Intensive = £1,750
Level 3 Part-time = £1,750

Level 4 Intensive = £1,395
Level 4 Part-time = £1,395

Package (Levels 3&4) Intensive = £2,845
Package (Levels 3&4) Part-Time = £2,845

Payment Plan Options:
Level 3 Intensive = 30% Deposit (£576) + 3 payments of £448 (Total = £1,920)
Level 3 Part-time = 30% Deposit (£576) + 3 payments of £448 (Total = £1,920)

Level 3 Intensive = 30% Deposit (£576) + 6 payments of £224 (Total = £1,920)
Level 3 Part-time = 30% Deposit (£576) + 6 payments of £224 (Total = £1,920)

Level 4 Intensive = 30% Deposit (£460.80) + 3 payments of £358.40 (Total = £1,920)
Level 4 Part-time = 30% Deposit (£460.80) + 3 payments of £358.40 (Total = £1,920)

Level 4 Intensive = 30% Deposit (£460.80) + 3 payments of £179.20 (Total = £1,536)
Level 4 Part-time = 30% Deposit (£460.80) + 6 payments of £179.20 (Total = £1,536)

Package (Levels 3&4) Intensive = 30% Deposit (£940.80) + 3 payments of £313.60 (Total = £3,136)
Package (Levels 3&4) Part-Time = 30% Deposit (£940.80) + 3 payments of £156.80 (Total = £3,136)




LEVEL 3: (ALL LISTED DATES) (3 x Monday – Friday over 3 months):
Week 1: 19th-23rd October 2020
Week 2: 23rd-27th November 2020
Week 3: 14th-18th December 2020 / Venue: Newcastle

LEVEL 4: (ALL LISTED DATES) (7 x Saturdays & Sundays):
7th & 8th September 2019
5th & 6th October 2019
2nd & 3rd November 2019
7th & 8th December 2019
4th & 5th January 2020
1st & 2nd February 2020
7th & 8th March 2020 / Venue: Newcastle

Level 3:
TBC in line with Covid-19 regulations

Level 4:
7th – 25th September 2020 – Newcastle

48 reviews for Sports Massage Therapy

  1. Aaron

    Course all good, instructor very good at theory and practical work. Many thanks

  2. Rachel

    Karl was a great teacher and really knows his stuff about everything he tutors

  3. George Campbell (verified owner)

    Karl made the entire course manageable & easy to understand due to his depth of knowledge skill sets and generosity in passing on the theory and practical experience. He made the course enjoyable, professional & increased my confidence.

  4. Dan Patterson

    Thank you to Rob & Janet for supporting me on my fitness journey with accommodating me to go on courses. Also my CV building with Hayley!

  5. Joanne

    Very informative course and enjoyable

  6. Susan Nicholson

    Really enjoyed the course with Karl, sad its over! The tutor has a lot of time for you and plenty of understanding, patience and easy listening.

  7. Sarah

    (COURSE: L4 SMT)

    The course was really interesting, I learned lots of new techniques to develop my skills. Would definitely recommend

  8. Steve

    (COURSE: L4 SMT)

    I thought the course was great, i learned so much. I feel confident that i can start up on my own and offer what i have learnt on this course to the public.

  9. Hope Blythe

    (COURSE: L4 SMT)
    Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn or progress in the field of sports massage therapy. The tutors are excellent at delivering the content of the course in a fun and memorable way.

  10. Paula Fitzgerald

    (COURSE: L4 SMT)

    Fantastic course, increased my knowledge and will confidently use the tools I have gained going forward.

  11. Jordon Cairns

    (COURSE: L4 SMT)

    This course was was very good, I enjoyed learning new techniques.

  12. Blanche

    Absolutly fantastic course, enjoyed every single day. Looking forward for my first massage. Karl is the best tutor!!!!

  13. Steve Davies

    Great course, great tuition, all round great experience

  14. Ben Warden

    A very capable and knowledgeable tutor, who displayed an array of techniques to really bring home the knowledge, this was all performed in a relaxed atmosphere.

  15. Ben Warden

    A very capable and knowledgeable tutor, who displayed an array of techniques to really bring home the knowledge, this was all performed in a relaxed atmosphere.

  16. Nathan

    (COURSE: L4 SMT)

    Found the course more challenging than level 3 but thoroughly enjoyed it!

  17. John

    (COURSE: L4 SMT)

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, i learnt a lot!

  18. Pablo

    Awesome course, Intensive, lot’s of studying and practice, but really enjoyable.

  19. Carl

    (Course l4 smt)

    Very informative course, tutor full of knowledge. Challenge too take in so much info but thats what makes you good

  20. Iain Barrowman

    (Course L4 SMT)

    Fantastic course, it has greatly increased my knowledge and confidence as an SMT.

  21. jamie

    (Course L4 SMT)

    Worth every penny! this course has added a new dynamic to my business and the support from the team is second to none.

  22. Phil

  23. Jordan

  24. Steve Brown

  25. John Maughan

    Karl was very professional and passed on his knowledge of the subject in a relaxed manner, which made it very enjoyable to learn the subject.

  26. Paula Fitzgerald

    Loved this course, didn’t originally plan to add Sports Massage Therapy into my planned job role but will be definitely be practising this in the future. Karl is a brilliant tutor, Showing patience and support when needed and has encouraged everyone on the course to believe in themselves and their ability. A heartfelt thank you from myself.

  27. Iain

  28. Dean

    Overall very happy with the course

  29. Kate Chandler

  30. Rachel Tarn

  31. Nathan

    Karl is a breath of fresh air and was always helpful

  32. Elizabeth

    (Course L4SMT)
    Course was interesting and i feel like ive learnt a lot. I found it a little challenging as there is so much to learn but was enjoyable

  33. Steve

    (Course L4 SMT)
    The course was good at expanding techniques with a focus on more advanced applications.

  34. Kerry (verified owner)

    (Course L4 SMT) I have found the course enjoyable but a big jump from level 3 as there is a lot more to learn as you go more in depth and have found the new techniques learnt interesting and i will continue to use these in my practice.

  35. Louise

    (Course L4 SMT)
    Very enjoyable course. A lot more indepth than level 3

  36. Laura

    (Course L4 SMT)

    Course was challenging moving from level 3 to level 4 – i found it useful and will help me better assess and treat my clients and also it served as a good refresher of level 3.

  37. Jamie

    Tutors very informative and the learning environment is relaxed. Good course.

  38. Jake

    Excellent course, really went into depth of fundamentals of smt. There is lots to learn! Will be progressing onto level 4

  39. Vicky

    Found course very enjoyable.

  40. Robyn

    Found course very in-depth and enjoyable

  41. Jemma

    Thoroughly enjoyed all course content would definitely recommend

  42. Jane

    Truly the best course i have ever done. Really great teaching and instruction on a fascinating subject from Karl. It has also been so nice to work with such a lovely group of people. I am really looking forward to beginning my own business.

  43. Martin

    Loved the course. Learnt lot’s. Tutor was helpful. Im now opening my own clinic!

  44. Dan

    If anyone is looking to improve their knowledge, or seeking to further their career with sports massage this course provides you with an understanding and baseline to begin a new career. Would recommend to anyone thinking of sports massage as a job 🙂

  45. Carl

    Good course, Karls a great tutor that goes above and beyond to help students.

  46. Paul Turner

    Really enjoyed the course, well delivered and informative and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get into this field. Karl was professional and delivered the material excellently.

  47. Steve Atkinson

    Really enjoyed the course. Intensive but enjoyable and Karl made it easy to learn. Bring on level 4.

  48. Vanessa Graham

    I thought the course was brilliant and content was in depth. I feel confident enough to get started in practice as a smt and will continue to develop my skills with a level 4 smt

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