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If you are a fitness instructor or would like to become one, you will never make a better career decision than learning to teach weighted hoop fitness at the Hooping Academy.

Top three reasons people love teaching fitness:

  1. They can inspire others, and make a difference in the lives of the people they teach
  2. They are active and can stay in great shape
  3. They can set their own hours

Top five challenges faced by fitness instructors:

  1. Finding classes that they enjoy teaching and which get results
  2. Marketing their classes and gaining new class members
  3. Increasing member retention, by keeping their classes fresh and fun to eliminate boredom
  4. Producing content: Paying licensing fees for music and choreographing new routines
  5. Travelling to training courses to learn new skills
  6. Paying for equipment to use in their classes

Powerhoop Instructors:

  • Love the fun and success of their Powerhoop classes
  • Attract attention for teaching something eye-catching and different
  • Have higher member retention compared to other fitness programs
  • Get free music and choreography videos as part of their licensing subscription
  • Can take continuing education courses online as well as on location
  • Pay deep discounted prices on hoops and quickly earn back their investment
  • Benefit as product resellers for an additional source of income

Who should take this course?

  • Aspiring fitness instructors (Foundation Training module now included in the package)
  • Fitness instructors with industry credentials (in the UK: ETM/Level 2 certification). NOTE: Qualified UK instructors are refunded £100 on this course with a BURSARY REBATE FROM EMD.
  • Personal Trainers: Powerhoop is a highly respected and a top-rated tool for PTs




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