Meet the Team – Janet Reveley

Welcome back Fit Fans

We wanted to start by saying THANK YOU. Your support so far with our new website has been fantastic, we really appreciate it.

Now we want to introduce to you today to Janet, our CEO. You may recognise her from our Facebook live feeds, however we want you to get to know her a little better so here she is to tell you the rest.

We’ve got our comment box below, please pop any questions you may have for Janet.

Janet has many, many years of specialising in the fitness industry, from owning her own gym, to being a fitness consultant and even a gymnastic coach. Janet founded Fit Training and has led the company from the beginning, making it one of the leading training providers in the UK.

So now you have met Janet, we want to introduce you to the rest of our brilliant team. Follow us each week as we introduce the rest of the team to you.

Stay FIT and Keep TRAINING


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