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ONLINE Courses:

Q: I’ve bought an online course, but I’ve changed my mind – Can I get a refund if I haven’t accessed my online units?
A: Yes, if you tell us within 14 days of purchase.

Q: What if I HAVE accessed my online units, can I still get a refund?
A: No, but you can transfer to another course, if you wish, minus a £200 admin change. This covers the amount payable by us to the eLearning provider.

Q: Can I use an iPhone, tablet or iPad to access my online material?
A: No. You can see the units, but it will NOT display any of the animations, so you will not be able to see vital information. Please make sure you’re using a desktop/laptop PC or Mac.

Q: I can’t see animations on my online training. It’s telling me to view things I can’t see. What can I do?
A: Follow these steps:

1) Make sure you are using a laptop/desktop computer. It will not display correctly on phone or tablet.

2) Make sure you are using either the Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser.

Links to download them are here:



3) Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash player.

Link to download is here:


4) If you are using Chrome, you might have to manually set it so flash is enabled. To do this:

  • Open Chrome
  • In the upper right-hand corner click on the 3 dots
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Advanced Settings / Show Advanced Settings
  • Click on Content Settings
  • Go to Flash and select ‘allow sites to run flash’ / or turn off ‘Ask first / or click Add and add the site:  http://studentdesktop.eteacher.pro/  which is the site your student desktop runs on

Q: How do I download the podcast of my course from my student desktop?
A: You will need iTunes on your machine. Once you have this, simply click the ‘Download Podcast’ icon and iTunes will automatically grab it.

Q: What’s the best web browser to use when studying my online units?
A: Chrome. You may have display issues if you use another browser.

Q: The course says it’s online – do I still have to attend any face-to-face days?
A: Yes. Most courses have at least 1 Training Day and 1 Assessment Day, but each course varies. See the information under ‘Study Format’ on the individual course page.

Q: What time do I need to be there for a Training Day/Assessment Day?
A: 9.30am for a 9.30 start unless you’re informed otherwise.

Q: How long should it take me to complete my online units and become qualified?
A: This depends on the course and your capabilities, but these are the average to aim for:
Fitness Instructing Gy/Exercise For Children/Exercise To Music – 5 months
Personal Trainer Certificate – 7 months
FastTrack Personal Trainer – 9 months
Exercise (GP) Referral – 5 months (7, if Full course)

Q: What happens if I go past my expected end date of completion?
A: One of our tutors will give you some help and guidance to get you through to the end as smoothly as possible. If you ever need any help on the course or have questions at all, please give us a ring on 0191 516 6088 or email us at info@fittraining.co.uk and we’ll give you all the help you need.

Q: How do I book my online Training and Assessment Days?
A: When you reach your last online theory unit you will be able to book both dates. The dates available will be displayed for you to choose. Remember you’ll have to finish the final unit before you can attend. If you have any trouble booking for any reason, let us know and we’ll do it for you.

Q: What if I can’t attend the Training Day I’m booked on?
A: Please let us know asap. If you change your mind less than 14 days from the day you are due to attend, then you will be charged a re-booking fee of £80.

Q: How often do the dates run?
A: We aim to have one Training Day per month.

Technical Troubleshooting:

Q: I can’t see any of the animations or diagrams on my online training portal.
A: Are you using a tablet, iPhone or iPad? If you are, you won’t be able to see them as the training platform runs the animation on flash. Please use a desktop/laptop PC or Mac.

Q: I’m using a desktop/laptop PC or Mac but I still can’t see the animations. What do I do?
A: Download the latest version of flash for your machine from here: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ You can also see some help for flash on chrome here: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6258784

Q: I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested and I still can’t see the animations – why?
A: If you’re still not seeing them, then the problem is local to your machine – ie. you have something on your machine that is preventing them from displaying. Other things to try: Check your pop-up blocker on Chrome (top right of the url bar); close Chrome or clear the chache; close Chrome and turn off your machine, then restart it.

Face-to-Face / Intensive Courses:

Q: Do I need to bring anything specific to the course when I’m studying the theory part?
A: Bring a notepad, pens or a laptop – anything you feel comfortable using to make notes. Although you won’t be doing any exercising, for the most part, you may want to wear something comfortable and allows for movement in case you’re asked to do some movement as part of a demonstration with the tutor.

Q: What do I wear for the practical parts of the course?
A: Please come in clothes you would normally wear to the gym and do bring a sweatshirt in case you get cold.

Q: Do I need movement clothes for the Assessment Day?
A: Yes, you will be teaching the exercises, but you will also be a ‘guinea pig’ for your colleagues when it’s their turn to teach.

Q: Do I get any course materials?
A: Yes we provide you with the theory manual on the first day of the course.